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    About Us   


N&N Medical, Inc. was started in 1998 by Ben Murray (CEO) and have been in the ultrasound business since 1984.

Our company focuses only on the ultrasound market and have developed a large network all over U.S. and internationally with multiple distributors throughout the years. We sell all new and refurbished ultrasounds of all brands and service all ultrasound brands. We sell and buy new refurbished ultrasounds, transducers, and ultrasound parts. The reason we are different from other companies is we care for all of our customers and take time to build relationships with each and every one of our customers to go above and beyond to ensure our customers are always happy.



Service & Repairs

We service and repair all ultrasound brands and models.  We can provide service and repair contracts on equipment. If you are looking for a cost effective means of servicing and repairing your ultrasound systems without the risk of down time and lost revenue then you are at the right place. Our team of engineers are ready to assist.




We offer onsite training for all applications specialties with the best accredited sonographers who go through training annually to help stay up to date with the latest training to help you become an expert with your ultrasound. Our licensed sonographers program all our ultrasounds we sell and never leave a customer's site until you are 100% happy with all presets.



We provide only the highest quality equipment from the top brands in the industry including...

  • New & Refurbished Ultrasound Laptops & Console Systems

  • New & Refurbished Transducers

  • New & Refurbished Ultrasound Parts & More


Need your ultrasound to be more simple?

N&N Medical, Inc. has your solution

Momentum was designed to cut in-office costs associated with ultrasound. EMR is the new ‘Central Repository’ for all of your practice and patient information. Momentum eliminates the need for a thermal printer and an expensive PACS.

Benefits of Momentum:

-Links patient studies directly to your EMR

-Enhances your customer’s experience with images sent directly to customers' phones

-Access patient exams digitally

-Auto archiving

-Increases Productivity & Reduces cost

Contact us today to find out more and to speak to our personal Momentum Representative.

April Murray 404-932-0072

Ben Murray 404-229-8358


  Purchasing Options   


We can generally wrap delivery, training, installation with the transaction into your monthly payment. It also converts a large sale price into a low, affordable monthly payment. We offer financing for all ultrasound equipment you purchase with us, through third party leasing companies that we have built long existing relationships with. Ultrasound machine financing is available for both new and refurbished equipment in the United States only.


Stay Current – Our Leasing options allow clients to address the problem of obsolescence. You are free to lease new, higher-end equipment after your lease expires. Leases are usually easier to obtain and have more flexible terms than loans for buying equipment.

Ultrasounds - Rentals & Loaners
  • Same Day Delivery and Shipping is available to keep your practice on schedule.

  • Many high-quality portable ultrasound machines available

  • No unreasonable down payment

  • Free training is available for many of our portable ultrasounds … you can get scanning quickly and start generating revenue

  • Risk-free way to test out an ultrasound without making that full capital investment till you know it's the right system for you.


We Buy Ultrasound!
Update your older system by trading it in towards a newer ultrasound system of your choice at special "Trade In/Trade Up" pricing!*

*Trade In/Trade Up pricing only available in US


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